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Cadia Valley Operations is owned by Newcrest Mining Limited and is one of the largets gold mining operations in Australia. Operations include two underground mines and an ore processing facility.


Monitoring of various aspects of the local water resources at Cadia Valley Operations (CVO) is conducted in accordance with the CVO Water Management Plan.

The plan was developed by Newcrest in consultation with the NSW Office of Water (NOW), Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) and local residents. Consultation with local residents was conducted in three focus groups:

  • Surface water – residents along Flyers Creek
  • Groundwater – residents within the predicted groundwater impact zone
  • Groundwater plus – concerned residents from outside the predicted groundwater impact zone

Monitoring includes:

  • Site water balance
  • Surface water flows and quality
  • Groundwater levels and quality

To view the Water Managament Plan, click on the link below:

File Description Size Published
CVO Water Management Plan v6.2  2.8 MB 21/01/2019




Click here for Appendices to the Water Managament Plan.

Site Water Balance

The site water balance was completed in line with the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) Water Accounting Framework. The framework is an initiative of the MCA to allow for consistent reporting of water use in the minerals industry and to meet the requirements of the Australian Water Accounting Standard, which is currently under development of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Water Division.

The site water balance for CVO is published each year in the Annual Environmental Management Report (AEMR) that can be downloaded from the CVO Performance Reporting web page.

To view the monthly Groundwater Monitoring Summary, click on the link below:

File Description Size Published
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary January 2018 1.20 MB 13/2/2018
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary February 2018 1.16 MB 17/4/2018
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary March 2018 1.51 MB 8/5/2018
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary April 2018 1.45 MB 18/5/2018
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary May 2018 1.16 MB 21/6/2018
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary June 2018 1.15 MB 19/7/2018
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary July 2018 1.29 MB 2/10/2018
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary August 2018 1.31 MB 2/10/2018
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary September 2018 1.25 MB 2/1/2019
Cadia Groundwater Monitoring Summary October 2018 1.25 MB 2/1/2019

















Description Size Published
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- January 2018 533 KB 13/02/2018
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- February 2018 2,29 MB 16/4/2018
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- March 2018 522 KB 17/4/2018
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- April 2018 554 KB 16/5/2018
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- May 2018 557 KB 21/6/2018
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- June 2018 1.72 MB 19/7/2018
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- July 2018 565 KB 2/10/2018
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- August 2018 564 KB 2/10/2018
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- September 2018 1.86 MB 2/1/2019
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- October 2018 1.84 MB 2/1/2019
Cadia Monthly Streamflow Report- November 2018 1.87 MB 2/1/2019



















To view streamflow monitoring reports from previous years, visit the links below:

* Streamflow Monitoring Reports 2015

* Streamflow Monitoring Reports 2016

* Streamflow Monitoring Reports 2017

Monitoring Locations

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Northeast sites

Northeast sites

Northwest sites

Northwest sites

Central sites

Central sites

Southwest sites

Southwest sites

Southeast sites

Sotheast sites